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Strømwrts. The epitome of STRENGTH and FLOW.


this is Strømwrts, an old soul on a love & peaceful mission!

I started DJing in 2006, doing my first steps in music production 2 years after. Today I love doing music with my NI Maschine, DJing and thinking creative & big!

What really drives me is bringing together different creative people to work on magical soul savers for the crowd.

"Music is a soul saver. Standing on the stage and sending people on a musical journey is a responsibility I am finally very aware of as a DJ."

13 years of DJing brought me to many different amazing places: Tiny bars, cozy afterhour rooms, beautiful open air venues and festivals raving all together under the rain: I am grateful for all those venues I have been able to DJ. Through the years I defined "my" sound and techniques I love to use during my sets.


Although I had a seemingly happy life, I kicked off 2019 in burnout and depression. Reflecting I see it was the result from heavy alcohol abusement, living very unconsciously & not honoring my presence at the DJ Booth.

My whole DJing time I have been playing for pennies. Over and over again. I didn't focus on growing my value through releasing tracks. Imagine having 1.000 projects on your Mac, but being scared to release them, because of fear of rejection by others.

"I realized what was holding me back from having success: Big fear of rejection."

In order to get healthy again and become aware of my value I had to grow personally. The cool thing about my personal growth: I became a better person & more focused artist!


"To live the life you want you need a deep understanding of yourself, your patterns as well as the skills. Today I design trainings that integrate psychological and mindfulness-based practises for artists to ensure that you meet your goals & improve your life."

As I am very passionate about helping others to overcome their fears and live their best lives, I started designing trainings & workshops for artists. My mission is to share all my experiences and knowledge of personal growth & business under the metaphor of musical production.

You will be amazed what kind of knobs you can tweak to get your Life-Mix & Master clear and polished!

My upcoming program will be announced in March 2020.


"Ø" (the sublabel of Fast N Forward Records by my friend and studio consultant Sonic Snares) will release my tracks from January 10th 2020 on; focusing on groovy, percussive and harmonious tech-sounds made by me and friends out of & for FUN.

Be curious about the special artwork for my releases as I am cooperating with one of the talents from the international art industry.

Much Love & Lets rave,



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